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Cykelven is an easy and convenient service for all types of cyclists out there. Here on this page you can see how the service works. Click on the six icons or scroll down to get more information about the different steps. It is a one-time investment of your time that will give you eternal bike-wellness!

Follow the steps to make use of the Cykelven service. 

Already a member? Go directly to step 2.

1. Sign up

It's free!

2. Book service

3. Print your service paper

4. Park your bike

5. Lock bike with our lock

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1. Sign up


To use the Cykelven service, you have to be a member. But don't worry, signing up is free and easy.


To become a member, simply fill out the form on the right. We only use your information to contact you about matters concerning services and repairs on your bike, sending reminders about visits and to send invoices via e-mail. 


Your contact information will not be disclosed to third parties.

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2. Book service

It is important that you book a time in advance as we can only service and repair a limited number of bikes when visiting your workplace.

Below, find a date that suits you and click on the name of your workplace. Enter your e-mail and voila! you've booked a time for your bike.

Remember, you can only bring one bike per booking. If you want more than one bike repaired, you need to book additional slots.

Please note that you must be a member (step 1) to book a time.

3. Print your service paper

The service paper is where you tell us what you would like us to fix on your bike. 

Fill out which repairs you'd like us to do (prices are listed on the service paper). Or just tell us the problem and we'll figure out what should be done.

After printing, please place the service paper visibly so that we can find your bike. See pictures to the right.

You can download our service paper by clicking here.

You can find the prices on the service paper


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4. Park your bike


On the day of your booking, we ask you to park your bike in the covered bicycle parking by GK as close to the exit as possible. Please do this by 9 in the morning at the latest. You can expect your bicycle to be ready by 4 in the afternoon, parked where you dropped it off.


Remember to remove extra equipment, such as child seats, or make sure that we can remove it for you, in order for us to get your bike up in our stand. If you need bike serviced, remember to remove dirt from the chain and sprocket.

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Step 4 of 6

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5. Lock with our lock


Do not lock your bike with your own lock, but with one of ours. The locks have a number and we also have a key. This way we can access your bike without having to disturb you while you work, and at the same time ensuring that your bike is safely locked when not being fixed.

The locks can be found in a box in the reception


The lock must be returned the SAME DAY of the service/repair, so that your colleagues can use the Cykelven service the next time we visit.


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6. Pay

When we have repaired your bike, we'll send you an invoice by e-mail. You can pay the invoice via bank transfer through your internet bank - you'll find our bank information on the invoice.

You can also pay with your Visa/Dankort by following the link on the invoice.  Please be aware that this link only works one time.



... Do you still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Or write us an email:

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