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So what does it include? Luckily, it is very simple. 
On Bikes sold via we extend the legally required warranty with 4 years, totaling 6 years. The Danish legal term is “reklamationsret”. We are not the only ones to offer such, and although it sounds great, we see no reason to oversell it. The warranty covers faults and issues that was present at the date of purchase. This means that we take 6 years responsibility for your bikes, but it does not mean that we cover wear and tear, neither that the bike can endure accidents or the effects of the weather. 

Many bike-dealers require that the bike receive service checkups at certain intervals as prerequisite for the extended warranty to be valid. So do Cykelven if we are to take responsibility. You need to have your bike serviced once every 6 months, or the warranty is void. The first service checkup needs to be completed within two months of purchase, and it is best if this is done after 1 month. It is very important. It is likewise important that you tell us, if there are any problems with your bike. Continual use can make matters worse, and Cykelven cannot take responsible for negligence. 


There are two primary causes. The first is to create an incentive for our members to keep their bikes maintained. All bicycles are machines and machines need regular maintenance. You will simply be a happier cyclist if you get it done, and that is the entire purpose of our company.

The second cause is that when a bike gets a hit – and they do – many things can loosen. If you keep riding, such loose items and minor problems can in some cases make matters much worse. Therefore, the responsibility goes to ways. If you choose to drive your bike completely down without maintenance and not get it fixed in time, we cannot take responsibility and extend a warranty. So help us help you.


When we sell you a good bike, and you take care to get it maintained, you will become a happy cyclists. Therefore we also take care to make it as easy and cheap as possible to keep your bike maintained. You have no almost excuses to not enjoy your rides! If we missed something, write to us at


You have two options: Pickup at our place, se below, or delivery at your Cykelven workplace


Pick up at Buddha Bikes

The address is Buddha Bikes, Emblasgade 175, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. If you choose pickup, wait until you get a message, that it is ready for you, and then you will have 14 days to come and pick it up. 


Delievery at your workplace

If you choose to get your bike delivered to your workplace, we would happily do this. It requires that we agree beforehand on where we should park the bike. Delivery to your workplace, only happens together with the regular visits from Cykelven. ​


Naturally you have the right to regret your purchase. You can return your purchased products within 14 days of receiving them, but under certain conditions.

​The 14 days counts from the point in time where you receive the product. If someone else receives it for you, it count from when the other person received it.


If you regret a purchase, you must return the product within 14 days. It is your responsibility to return the product. Before you bring or send the product to us, you have to send us an email on regarding the purchase you wish to return.

To make use of this return policy the product needs to be in the same condition as it as upon receival. A bike can easily get scratched in parking areas, so it is important that you take care of the product. A good rule of thumb is, that if you wish to get a full return of your purchase, the bike needs to be in a condition where it can be sold again for the full price. If we need to clean or repair it, this cost will be deducted from your return. If bike has signs of use such as scratches, it can only be sold as a second-hand bike, which degrades the value a lot.


If we delivered the products in any packaging that has meaning for the value of the products, we need these intacts as well. This also goes for instruction manuals and other items.

For any business, it is a quite expensive to deal with returns and admittedly, rather annoying. It is however, also 100% fair, that the law requires it. We all tried to regret something. So if you are honest and fair, we promise to be the same. A few scratches will diminish value, but we have no incentive to anything but being fair and honest.

When we have received a returned product we will quickly make an assessment, and return the right sum as soon as possible.

If you have any questions considering returning a product, please remember that Cykelven consists of nice and fairminded people and there is no problem in asking questions. You can easily reach us on

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